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“Home is where the heart is...but my heart if full of pain”

Shot for a contest by Stillmotion, this was the perfect opportunity to get some ideas out of my head on onto a screen. Dealing with our sin nature and continual push to strive for something we can never obtain, this piece for me is the start of better things to come.

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Music by Wesley Jensen used by permission through the contest by Stillmotion Big Shorts

Archival Footage Used under Creative Commons License and Public Domain License:
- Atomic Bomb Blast Effects
- Miscellaneous Stock Shots
- Stock Shots, Miscellaneous
- [Stock Shots, Miscellaneous]
- Internet Archive 35mm Stock Footage Sample Reel
- War in Egypt. British and French Bomb Its Key Cities, 1956/11/01
- The Battle of Midway
- [Downtown Los Angeles Process Plate, Flames and Blank Motion-Picture Screen]
- [Buildings in New York, Los Angeles and Santa Monica]
- Hiroshima Bombing and Crossroads Nuclear Weapons Test (1946)

Archival Audio:
- BB1324 News report on the Tet offensive