Our Life

Big Shorts Pro - Home

“Home is where the heart is...but my heart if full of pain”

Shot for a contest by Stillmotion, this was the perfect opportunity to get some ideas out of my head on onto a screen. Dealing with our sin nature and continual push to strive for something we can never obtain, this piece for me is the start of better things to come.  Read more...

Destination Wedding Shoot in the Caribbean

“Whole Heaps Of Lots Of Fun...And Some Work Too”

We don't get out much here at Rustic Red Studio. When we aren't shooting, we are in the studio editing. And we pretty much shoot most of our weddings within driving range of where we live. So when a destination wedding came in to being for us, I thought it would be a good idea to document it. But like most things I plan, they don't go according to plan. Instead of doing a behind the scenes look at how we shot the destination wedding, all I was left with was getting there and getting back. I like a challenge so I sat down to edit this into something fun that everybody can enjoy, so enjoy!  Read more...

Selah (Pause • Breathe) - with only one life to live

“This Is My Dad, He Has Cancer.”

We are all going to die at some point. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe in 50 years, we really don't know. Those that are diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease immediately get a different perspective on life. My dad lives in the here and now, making everyday moments count. Will he live past the statistical death rate? Maybe, or he could live for another 20 plus years, or maybe only three.  Read more...

My Story

"When things change you have to adapt accordingly, or you will be left behind."

The original purpose of this video was to win some free gear so that I can ever increase the refinement that are my tools. But as I watched this project unfold in front of me, it organically changed into something so much more. Its funny how things change, isn't it?

Why so many questions?

When tasked with describing me, who I was, what I was about, I thought it was going to be easy. But as I started to figure out how I was going to edit and shoot, I was flooded with more questions than answers. Who was I really? Why am I doing what I'm doing? What makes me different than anybody else doing the exact same thing?  Read more...

Family Trip to Disneyland with a Canon Rebel T2i

This is just a quick stitched together piece of my family and I at Disneyland.

Now normally I would tend to stray away from putting up too much personal stuff on my company blog, but I think this might be an exception. For one I'm testing out a new video system that will achieve a much better look and feel that our future clients will appreciate. Secondly, its good to put a face behind a company every once in a while. Unfortunately, I'm not actually in any of the footage, so you will just see my lovely wife and adorable daughter.

For the technical side of things...without getting too technical.  Read more...